Portable and Minimalist Wireless Charger

Portable and Minimalist Wireless Charger >>Wireless charging is now a celebrity. Already seen on Android phones, it is now on the wave crest thanks to the release of iPhone 8 and, soon, the iPhone X, the first Apple devices charging wirelessly. As we know, Apple is a kind of technological flywheel that can make a strong commercial boost even to products that have come out of time and wireless charging for now seems to be no exception.

In addition to the uncomfortable convenience, wireless chargers also have another feature that makes them interesting: most are compatible with all models on the market. The nickname to know is Qi . As well knows who knows martial arts or Oriental philosophy, those two Chinese letters designate the flow of energy (they are the equivalent of Korean), while at the technological level they define the standard for wireless recharge. It has been defined by the Wireless Power Consortium, the Wireless Power Consortium, which, once, has brought together all the important manufacturers.

Portable and Minimalist Wireless Charger

We talk about 259 companies at smartphone level, we do not only find HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony, but also Apple. At least in this area, third-party producers can finally develop a truly global product: standards are the same for everyone.

Whoever has an iPhone and an Android phone can use the same charger, as well as two Android users with different attachment, such as a micro usb and a usb-c, so the cable is gone.

To help you choose the battery charger for you, we have selected some of the best models on the market. Portable and minimalist designers also feature a two in one and an integrated baseplate. In short, there is a lot for everyone.

Portable and Minimalist Wireless Charger from Amazon Market

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RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger

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Choetech T513 3 Coils Qi Wireless Charger

On average, wireless chargers deliver 5 watts, some come to 10 watts, and the more powerful touches the 15 watts. More power also means higher charging rates, but beware: regardless of the charger, the iPhone arrives at a maximum of 7.5 watts while the 15 watts are only compatible with a small number of Android. Better then check your device first.