WhatsApp Two Step Verification and How It Works

WhatsApp has added the “Two-Step Verification” to its user account security options. The new feature is to prevent your phone number from being used by someone else when the application asks you to check it out, the step necessary to make WhatsApp active, to exchange messages and to access old ones, for example, if you have changed your smartphone. How well do you know who uses WhatsApp, the classic number verification is by receiving an SMS containing a numeric code to be included in the application to confirm that that phone number is active on the mobile phone you are using.

The new two-step verification, which adds an additional level of security, is currently being deployed to all 1.2 billion users in WhatsApp, so you may not see it again among the application options. It is not obligatory to enable it, but WhatsApp recommends doing so to have a higher level of security than your account.

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How Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp is enabled

To enable it just open WhatsApp, choose the “Settings”, then “Account”, select the “Two-Step Verification” option and finally press the “Enable / Enable” button.

As soon as it is activated, the system asks you to enter a six-digit code that will be required each time you verify your phone number (usually required when you uninstall and then re-install the application, or when you are change smartphone). Only those who know the code can complete the verification process, which makes it less likely that your phone number will be used by someone else. It’s good to use an easy code to remember because in the absence of that you will not be able to verify your WhatsApp account.

And what if I forget the code?

For precaution, when activating the two-step verification, WhatsApp gives you the option to enter your email address. In this way, if you no longer remember the code, WhatsApp will be able to email a link to temporarily turn off the verification in two steps, allowing you to retrieve access to the application and your messages. WhatsApp strongly recommends its users to provide an email address to avoid bad surprises.

designed to ensure maximum privacy for its users , prevents the same company from having direct control over what their accounts are doing, and this explains in part the various solutions designed to avoid forgetting the code numeric users can no longer use their accounts. For added security, those who decide to activate the two-step verification will periodically receive a request to enter the numeric code they had chosen at the time of activation, to make sure that they continue to be remembered.