Sony Xperia X Compact

A compact smartphone Sony Xperia X Compact cope with moving moment. With innovative triple image sensing technology, you can even capture moving subjects in low light with the sharpest details.

In addition, thanks to the size of 4.6-inch phone can easily carry the camera with you, you never miss the shot. Say goodbye to the filter.

Xperia X frames capture what you see as you get it thanks to the advanced infrared sensor compact device. Your photos will have to always live life to color.

Furthermore, without the filter. Blink as fast as the fastest moments for 23 MP camera So far our fastest camera switches to shooting in 0.6 seconds from standby.

Quick start, thanks to a dedicated camera shutter button and faster image processing can capture spontaneous moments until the Xperia X Compact Design is not the greatest for those who want the best.


Xperia X Compact; convenience, bring together comfort and beauty of the smart phone. The compact size while providing extra comfort for your hands round shape is ideal for use with one hand.

Xperia X with shiny outer coating Compact, almost looks like fine workmanship made of ceramic. Timeless Space Black is available in stylish white and misty blue color with a relaxing effect.

Adaptive Charging battery chargers may damage your, but unlike most smartphones Xperia X Compact uses intelligent charging feature to prevent damage to the battery.