Shock Resistant Smartphone

Not everyone leads a peaceful existence, there are those who love extreme sports, those who do a dangerous job, and those who are simply miserable, extremely miserable. If you come back to one of these categories, then you know better than me that the first one to worry about is your smartphone. How many have you changed this year? Here are the most shock resistant smartphone to continuing to live a reckless life.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active: Shock Resistant Smartphone Perfect for Athletes

The Galaxy S7 Active has been designed to withstand the most extreme uses. Equipped with physical keys to allow users to use it even when the display is wet, this smartphone is wrapped in a durable reinforced armor and protected from water and dust infiltration with IP68 certification.


It is not a simple Galaxy S7 with a sporty look, but a smartphone with various features dedicated to the outside. Among these you will find compass, barometer, stopwatch, cardiofrequenzimeter, military certification MIL STD-810G and a 4000 mAh battery. Compared to its predecessor, it also integrates the fingerprint reader.

Sony Xperia Z5: Shock Resistant Smartphone, Sturdy But Elegant Armor

In addition to being sleek, functional and providing good photographic experience, the Sony Xperia Z5 is impact resistant and protected by water infiltration. Perfect for those who love outdoor sports or work outdoors in the dust.


The metal unibody resistant is secured to the four plastic rubber grips, which can withstand shots and prevent the display from shattering. Sony’s Omnibalance design will allow you to have an elegant, slim, lightweight smartphone in your hands without fear of being harmed. Also note that you will have the option of expanding the memory through the SD card and unlock the smartphone with the fingerprint reader. You can choose between the Sony Xperia Z5 and its compact version if you prefer a smaller sized smartphone.

Motorola Moto X Force: Shock Resistant Smartphone, Unbreakable Dispaly

Motorola has instead thought of all those who had to replace their Android display, or even say goodbye to the smartphone due to a frontal clash with the asphalt. The Moto X Force is a sporty and durable smartphone. Not too different from Moto X Style, the X Force has a nylon body that does not show scratches and makes the smartphone less ergonomic and slippery.


On the front panel, the Moto X Force hosts a 5.4 inch display featuring 5 different layers designed to withstand falls and bumps while at the same time ensuring maximum responsiveness to touch. This innovative technology is called Moto ShatterShield and, trust us because we have driven it down several times, it also resists the most violent falls.

CAT S60: Shock Resistant Smartphone, Designed to be Mistreated

Are you willing to give up a slim and innovative look, even if you are getting an all-powerful Android smartphone? Then you can not ignore the CAT S60 made by Caterpillar, a famous brand for the production of construction machinery and equipment. Ready to resist everything, the CAT S60 is wound with a durable anti-slip armor, IP68-certified and equipped with MIL-STD-810G.


It is certainly not one of the thinnest smartphones on the market, but its impressive body and its Gorilla Glass 4 coated 4.7 inch display can withstand drops up to 1.80 meters high without any problem. To turn on the smartphone is Android Marshmallow and to keep alive the device thinks of the battery of 3800 mAh. One of the smart features of the smartphone is the FLIR thermal camera positioned on the body.