Samsung Gear VR 2016 Edition Review

The Samsung Gear VR 2016 Edition model is all blue and black for last year’s it was white colored so having the inside dark like that versus last year where it was a lighter color. It allows the light to not be as reflective so on the right-hand side you’ve got your home button in your back button. Very tactile clicky good feel for them and also there’s the volume rockers.

On the left side just tell you that your Samsung Gear VR 2016 Edition is powered by Oculus. On the very top the scale button actually allows that to get closer farther away on your eyes to get the focus more into your eyes. The front cover is just the Samsung logo.

The Samsung Gear VR 2016 Edition has a lock switch so if you want to lock this once it’s in place. You can do that or unlocked it not to get this off. All you need to do is put on the right hand side on here you can see it open. When you scroll on the wheel it just how far away or how close the camera is going to be to your face. So to use it you will put inside of it. Just make sure that you have screen facing inwards.

At the screen stop that end up there with the USBC and backward compatible. This can be used to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the s7, s7 edge, the note 5, s6 edge+, the s6, and the s6 edge. It also includes a little micro USB adapter, what you can do is just take your phone plug it into the USB slot, and close it down. The adjustable straps to tighten to make them fit better on your head. To remove simply do the same thing push and your phone flips up, pull it straight out.