Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Review >> You’ve probably heard that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge are out. The very first thing you’re going to notice when you look at one of these phones is that it is a tiny bit thicker.

So the Galaxy S6 had about a 2500 mAh battery. The new S7 has a 3000 mAh battery. The Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a 3600 mAh battery, which compared to something like the Note 5, is considerably large.

Another notable difference, which is very similar to the Galaxy Note 5 is the rounded back. So on the back of the phone, the edges are rounded on the sides.

That actually helps a lot with holding the phone. It feels more comfortable in your hand. If feels like you get a better grip like you’re not going to drop it.

So both of these are going to have an AMOLED 1440p screen. Their going to be super sharp, very bright, as most AMOLED displays are. It has 4GB of RAM, a Snap Dragon 820, Adreno 430, and unlike some of the newer phones that have just come out in the past few months, it does not have USB Type-C.

They decided to keep the Micro USBport but it does still have Adaptive Fast Charging and it charges really fast. Not onlydoes it charge fast using the included cable.

It also has Adaptive Fast Wireless Charging. And one of the biggest things about these phones is that Samsung actually brought back the Micro SD card slot.

It comes with a tool just like the S6 did that you can stick intothe slot to open up the tray and it’s going to be a combo tray that has your SD card andyour sim card. As far as the S7 Edge, unlike last year where we had the S6 Edge, which was close to same size as the S6, the S7 Edge is actually larger than the S7.

So it’s a 5.5″ screen so it’s only a tiny bit smaller than the Note 5 is and the edge screen with the edge shortcuts allows for really quick navigation.

Another feature Samsung added to the S7 and the S7 Edge is an Always-On Display. So it’s going to show things like the time, date, battery life,and some notifications even when your phone is off in standby mode it’s going to stay there.

And the way they’re able to do that is because with AMOLED displays, only the pixels that are actually on are using power.

So on to the camera, which is obviously one of the most important features for most people. Samsung actually dropped the megapixels 16 down to 12. Now, most people that don’t know that much about photography may think that’s a bad thing, but that’s not true.

Unless you’re going to be doing things like shooting huge pictures for a poster or if you’re going to do a lot of heavy zooming like digital zooming or cropping, it’s not really going to make a big difference in your photos.

It’s definitely a really good camera, if not the best camera on the market. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a phone focus faster than the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge.

You can go in and out of focus from the foreground to the background very very quickly. It’s very impressive and it does the same with video.

Speaking of fast, these phones have the feature where you double-tap the home button to get to your camera. Now you can actually do this with the screen on or off and it comes up super fast and you can snap your picture right away.

And the Dual Pixel focus system allows you to do that and have the subject in focus. It’s going to have IP68 water and dust resistance, a very welcome feature that a lot of people were upset about them taking off the S6.

So you people that some how drop your phone in the toilet or dive in the pool with your phone, you forget, it’s going to be just fine.

It’s a very welcome feature and they added it back and they were able to do this without having that stupid flap that was on the Galaxy S5.

They have sensors in there to detect with there’s water so you’re not charging a wet phone. You’ll probably hear this all over the Internet with most glass and metal phones. It’s a super finger print magnet.

Unless your hands are super dry like plastic or something, you’re going to leave fingerprints on this phone, and I mean all over this phone, especially considering they have the different color options.

They have the silver and the gold. Those kind of colors are going to show every single fingerprint. And just like the Note 5 they took away the IR blaster.

Added features like having waterproofing back, having the SD card back, having a larger battery, especially considering that the battery is not removable, the larger screen on the S7 Edge. There are a thousand reasons to go ahead out and buy this phone so you definitely think they’re worth the upgrade.