Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Review (8MP + 5MP)

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016  Review (8MP + 5MP) >> The Galaxy Samsung J3 is great for those who does not give up a smartphone with good image quality. After all, people, it comes with a  5″ HD resolution and Super technology AMOLED.

The lighting of the screens with this technology comes to be almost 150% better than ordinary LCDs, which let the colors much more vivid and bright. Good for surfing the internet and watching movies, right? Incidentally, the J3 has 4G internet connection to load pages and even youtube videos faster.

And a nice detail is that you can use up to 2 chips two different operators! The rear camera has 8MP with LED flash. And for you raze the selfies, the front camera comes with 5 MP.

And you know when you lack space to save the photos you took or even receive those videos of WhatsApp? You can rest assured, saw, because it is compatible with card memory up to 64GB.

Quite something is not it? And the battery? It has capacity for all day, even if you need to take a esticadinha at the end of the day. The Galaxy J3 is also available in different colors, right? Just choose that suits you.

Enjoy and get the extended warranty, which guarantees the repair or even exchange your product if it is defective after the factory warranty period.