Samsung Galaxy J1 8GB – 4G LTE Review

Samsung Galaxy J1 8GB – 4G LTE >> The Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 from Samsung is a good choice for you who want a simple phone without sacrificing quality. To start the Super Amoled screen, the same kind of S7! That is, everything gets more sharpness and vivid colors.

And there’s more! Gives up to see videos in high resolution without fear of smudging or jumps between scenes. Now if you want to make a selfie the front camera is the tip.

And in time to record a video or take a picture with flash rear camera comes in to do click with 5MP. Already the subject is: surf the Internet, use applications, enjoy games and stay inside all the news on their networks social, rest assured! The processor of this model have 4 cores and ensures speed to do all this.

Another advantage of having the Samsung Galaxy J1 is the chance to choose between different operators promotions, since it has the capacity to 2 chips.

Speaking to choose, to curious to know one thing! Which of these colors here has more to your face? Enjoy and get the Extended Warranty, which guarantees the repair or even exchange of your product if it is defective after the factory warranty period.