Samsung Galaxy A3 Review

Samsung Galaxy A3 Review >> Time to meet the most basic smartphone from Samsung, but that comes with a metal construction. At some points, the Samsung Galaxy A3 is very similar to the Galaxy A5, such as configuration, but it comes with some cool differences, that even make it to be a bit cheaper.

So we know it in detail. The DNA of the line Samsung’s smartphone A is present here: a construction entirely made of metal, in style Galaxy Alpha. The result is very good.

The Samsung Galaxy A3 is what we would call “friendly” with only 6.9 cm in thickness and only 110 grams, besides having a 4.5 inch screen, ideal for those who want a smartphone to use with only one hand.

Although the Samsung Galaxy A3 is not as beautiful as the Galaxy S6 – After all, it is a much more cheap- model we have nothing to criticize here, except for one point. If you are interested in the Samsung Galaxy A3, already buy a model with a protective cover, because it seemed to us quite fragile.

The screen is 4.5 inches, which today can now be considered small. It is qHD, and there are models around with 720 x 1280 resolution costing half the price, like the Moto G.

Nevertheless, the quality is excellent. The Galaxy A3 uses Super AMOLED technology from Samsung, then the lowest resolution It is more or less compensated by an excellent color saturation and contrast ratios.

The chip Samsung Galaxy A3 is exactly the same as the Galaxy A5: Snapdragon 410 processor with four cores running at 1.2 GHz and Adreno 306 GPU, but with only 1 GB of RAM.

Nevertheless, as are fewer pixels to update, the final performance is a little better. Still, the raw performance of the Samsung Galaxy A3 is below and cheaper models, as Zenfone 5 ASUS, but it is enough for a good user experience on a daily basis. The default Android is version 4.4 Kit Kat.

The TouchWiz is present here, of course, without so many bloatwares as in the past. It is lighter every version but still offers good performance enough to compete with the pure version of Android.

As storage,  The Samsung Galaxy A3 has 16 GB, the standard line Samsung’s, with support for micro SD cards up to 64 GB, a fairly common kit in intermediate models. The Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 comes with 13.0 megapixels.

The front camera, following the current trend to focus on selfies, It has 5 megapixels and get very good results, and bring a good opening, which, well, means that you can dispense with the selfie stick in most situations.

The extra list of the Samsung Galaxy A3 is exactly the same as the Galaxy A5, which is also dual-chip and 4G. The second slot serves both as chip input and a micro SD card.

The number of connections is in agreement with the intermediate segment: dual-band WiFi in the patterns A, B, G and N with support HotSpot Bluetooth A2DP and EDR LE with GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS FM radio with ability to record the audio stream NFC Microphone for noise cancellation The audio quality of the rear speaker seemed in medium quality.

Like the Galaxy A5, it distorts a little sound at higher volumes. Already the quality of headphones, which even now have the plug positioned at the bottom, it is very good, similar to the Galaxy S5.

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy A3 has only 1900 mAh not removable, and even considering the processor, which is basic, and low screen resolution.