OIML Bluetooth Shower Speaker

The OIML Bluetooth Shower Speaker. Water Resistant Wireless & Handsfree Speakerphone with Suction Cup, highly compatible with all Bluetooth Devices.

Enjoy your favorite tunes on the beach, pool, boat or even in the bathrooms, bath or kitchen using the Bluetooth Shower Speaker. The OIML Bluetooth Shower Speaker has Bluetooth with a high level of reliability with 3.0 main chip (ISSC), so the Bluetooth transmission become more stable and have better compatibility level.

Transmission range up to 10 meters, Six hours of playback time, 120 hours standby time, suitable for iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphone, tablet, MP3, and MP4. IPX4 waterproof, unique appearance with the sucker down, good stereo enables you to enjoy your favorite music.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

The OIML Bluetooth Shower Speaker is very easy to use, has a built-in microphone and speakerphone, fast forward (skip) / rewind / pause / play, volume up / volume down.