Moto G Play 4th gen. Review

Here is the review of the Moto G Play 4th gen Review. Let’s start off with some pro’s of this smartphone, the design of the Moto G Play 4th gen is not as attractive as the Moto G Play G3 was, but it still looks good in its own way. The plastic back did initially look cheap at 1st but as a whole the phone does look pretty decent specially the clean design at the front and the greyish looking curved sides.

Coming to ergonomics and form factor, it feel’svery comfortable & light to hold, at just 137 grams and doesn’t feel slippery due to minute patterns at the back. The 2800mAh battery is user removable, so that’s a good thing and talking about its performance, it gives you battery life with a Screen On Time of about 4 and a half hours with moderate usage. With light usage it can easily cross 24 hours mainly due to its 720p HD display which eats up less battery compared to a 1080p display.

As far as gaming is concerned, smaller games ran very smoothly. The gaming is pretty average on this device with smooth gameplay on lighter games but its performance dips a lot with heavier ones, not recommended for a heavy gamer.

Moto G Play 4th gen. Review

The 720p HD display has a bright enough screen and the visibility under direct sunlight is pretty legible if you turn on Adaptive Brightness.

The screen of the older Moto G3 seemed dimmer in comparison the Camera with the smaller f/2.2 aperture,can deliver many good pictures and video with acceptable quality but some photo’s produce over-saturated colours and the HDR mode sometimes is not able to adjust the bright areas resultingin, it becoming over blown the Call quality is really good with clear vocals through the earpiece as well as through earphones and its mic, if you use one.

Ringtone volume is also pretty audible and loud enough with a nice treble to it. Haptic feedback works well & the vibration while receiving a call is strong enough, so if the phone is in your pockets, you will most probably not miss it.

Android Marshmallow runs very well and you get the usual Moto version of stock Android UI with the default Google now launcher preinstalled.

With just the normal google apps and absolutely no 3rd party 0r unnecessary apps, the general performance of this phone is a breeze and the proven quadcore 410 chipset does its job well, in normal use and browsing. So, should you buy the Moto G Play 4th gen over the E3 Power? Even though the mediatek MT6735P is a bitmore powerful than the Snapdragon 410 chipset, you can choose the safer route of going for Qualcomm over Mediatek by choosing the Moto G Play 4th gen unless you want better battery life which the E3 power has, with a much huger 3500mAh battery, 700mAh more than the Moto G Play 4th gen.

Also the expandable MicroSD card capacity is much better on theMoto G Play 4th gen with storage up to 128Gb where as it is only up to 32Gb on the Moto E3 Play Comparing it to the Xiaomi Redmi 3s, the Redmi 3S has a better and more powerful SD430 chipset, with a much larger 4100mAh battery on both the 3S and Prime version.

Fingerprint scanner is also available in only the prime version which is absent on the Moto G Play 4th gen.

For people who do not prefer Chinese phones and are brand conscious, they can go for the Moto G Play 4th gen at this price range, which apart from its average to above average camera & gaming performance, is a decent overall performer in general day-to-day usage.