Mini Spy Camera For Home – ELP 1080P Megapixel

ELP 1080P Megapixel – Mini Spy Camera For Home. The ELP 1080P Megapixel Industrial Mini IP Camera is one of the smallest HD IP cameras on the market. It’s perfect for making sure that you are able to film covertly, discreetly but also not to sacrificing quality when it comes topicture image. So it’s got a pinhole lens the upside to this is when you are using the camera the bulk of the camera can be hidden.

You can cut a hole the size of the lens and film through that and nobody will have an idea that the camera is there. It also records in 1080p resolution so it is extremely good quality. Just like many of mini spy camera for home, the camera are ONVIF compatible, this means that they will work with any ONVIF NVR on the market. The mini spy camera for home also comes with the PC software and thiswill allow you to access the camera from your computer and record directly to computer’shard drive if you are not looking to purchase an NVR Mobile access is also viable.

If you have an Android smartphone or iPhone you’ll be able to view a live feed of the camera from any where in the world. The set-up of this camera is relatively easy, if you are not familiar with IP systems it may be worth giving our tech guys a call to have a chat with them about it. You do need to run back a power supply – one that looks like this just plug it in.


All you need to connect to LAN or Network connection is to run the mini spy camera for home back to a port that is on your network. So the network cable: just a standard CAT5 or CAT6. Usually a cable that you’d run from your router to your computer if you were running a wired connection rather than a wireless one There’s also a BNC output.

You will sacrifice quality but it does give you an option to use the camera quickly if for any reason you are having issues with your network. On initial set-up you will need to plug the camera into some where on your network so that your computer can pick it up. Also to get this working on the internet you will need to configure some router settings so that’s where it does differ from otherset-ups. So that was the overview for the Full HD 2 megapixel pinhole camera.

General Specs:

  • 1920x1080p 2megapixel industrial mini network camera
  • HD low illumication with pinhole lens
  • Cost-effective ONVIF2.0 Support
  • Integrated inside industrial equipements realize HD 1080p machine vision video
  • Support intelligent mobile phone view