How To Locate an Android

How To Locate an Android

I’ll explain how to turn on the service and How To Locate an Android if you need it. Think, you can also ring the phone remotely, lock it with a code to prevent it from being used by unauthorized users and erase all the data in its memory. But let’s take a step at a time.

Android Devices Manager requires an active Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G / LTE) and GPS location service. The first step you must take is to check the availability of the location service on your terminal. To do this, go to the drawer (that is, on the screen where the icons of all the apps are installed on the device) and click on Google Settings. Then select the Location item and move the lever on the opening screen to ON.

At this point, go back to the Google Settings main menu, select the Security item, and move the drops on the Localize this device remotely option and Allow Remote Block and Removal option. By allowing you to authorize Android Devices to track the geographic location of your mobile phone (or your tablet, the procedure you follow is the same regardless of the type of device) and accept the commands you send remotely.

Setting location

From now on, to locate Android from your computer, you’ll need to connect to the Android Devices Manager website and access the service using the credentials of your Google Account.

If your smartphone / tablet is reachable (that is, it will have Internet access and will have the active GPS) within a few seconds you will see its location on a Google Maps map and you can control it remotely. As? Simply using the buttons located in the top left pane.

  • Make a ring – it rings the cellphone uninterruptedly, to attract the attention of the attendees (hoping that someone will take it in custody and then return it).
  • Lock – locks the device with a security code to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Delete – deletes all data on your smartphone or tablet. This is a function to be used only in desperate cases (if the device, for example, has been stolen and there is no hope of recovering it), also because it prevents subsequent location of the terminal.

All the features just described are also available in the Android Devices app that allows you to locate and remotely control your Android devices using other smartphones and tablets. It is completely free and very easy to use.

As mentioned earlier, the Android Device Manager only works if the phone is switched on, connected to the Internet, and with the active geographic location service. This means that in the event of a loss it is very useful, whereas in the case of theft, unless the thief was so stupid not to turn off the cell phone after having stolen it, it often becomes unhelpful.