How To Hide Friends List On Facebook

To find out how to hide your friends list on Facebook, you must first link to your personal profile page on Facebook and click on the Friends tab placed below the image you set as cover.

By default, the Friends list on Facebook is public and can be viewed by everyone. This means that, in theory, any person enrolled in the social network can connect to your profile and know who your friends are viewing their photos, as well as some of their personal information. So, lets find out how to hide your friends list on Facebook.

This is a very simple procedure How to hide your friends list on Facebook to complete. It requires very few clicks (or just a few taps if you use Facebook from a smartphone or tablet) but it can really mean much from the point of view of privacy. Find all the instructions you need right below.


On the screen that opens, click the pencil icon that is located on the top right and select the Edit Privacy item from the menu that appears. At this point, set Friends or Just the drop-down menu next to the Friends list item (depending on whether you want to show the list only to your friend on the social network or anyone, indiscriminately) and click on the Done button to save the changes.

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Alternatively, you can also click on the Custom option and select groups of people to show or hide the friends list. In the Share with these people or lists field, you must enter the name of the people or groups of friends you want to allow list view. In the Do not share with these people or lists field, instead, you have to enter the names of people or lists of friends you want to hide the list.