How To Find Listening Devices and Hidden Cameras

How To Find Listening Devices and Hidden Cameras

Of course you do not often find that you need to find an analogue or gsm microscope or a hidden camera in your home, office or business. Industrial espionage is still a good business. This is one of the reasons why microspies and microcameras detectors exist to solve the problem.

In fact, most microscopes or microcameras are so small that they can be concealed almost everywhere and not visible . But all hidden cameras and listening devices emit radio frequency or RF. So if you can find the RF signals, you can also find out where the cameras or microspies are hidden.

The company’s security personnel use sophisticated equipment to detect microspheres from corporate meeting rooms and to eliminate all surveillance devices that transmit radio frequencies. Private Investigators are hired to do the same thing.

Hidden Camera

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Hidden cameras that are hidden by voyeur in public buildings seem to be on the rise. Specially hidden cameras are designed to be concealed anywhere and no one would ever suspect that a hanger, a room deodorant, or even a wall outlet could conceal a hidden camera.

There is a hidden microspie detector and camcorder on the market that guarantees great results. Detects wireless cameras, analog and gsm audio microswitches, Wi-Fi signals, mobile phones, and more. It is held in the palm of your hand, because it measures a few inches in height. It can detect a signal up to a distance of 10 meters. 98% of all RF signals range from 1 MHz to 6 GHz, and that’s what this model can detect. It works with a rechargeable battery.

There is another microtracking detector model that uses detection with a 1 MHz to 12 GHz scan rate. It has an acoustic RF alert and a LED signal power indicator. It uses a 9 volt battery. This can be carried in your pocket or purse for quick reclamation of any area where you suspect cameras or microspies. It has a visual detection function that allows you to look through a specially targeted viewing hole and find hidden cameras within a range of 5 to 10 meters.