How To Enable WiFi Calling On Your iPhone

This is going to be a quick guide on how to enable WiFi calling on your iPhone. Now, a few things before you enable this.

First you must be on iOS 8.3 or higher. Seconds, you must have an iPhone 5C or higher,so that means iPhone 5C, 5S, 6, 6+, 6S, or 6S+. And third, only certain carriers support this.

With Verizon they do support it but it’s only on their messaging app so Verizon Messages. In the future it will be natively supported on iOS but for now it’s just on their messaging app.

It’s pretty simple to enable WiFi calling on your phone. All you do is you go into your Settings. Then scroll down to Phone.

Then towards the top you see WiFi Calling so click on that. And now you have the option of enabling it just move this slider to the right.

Enable WiFi Calling On Your iPhone

Now it’s just asking you to confirm, so just click Enable.


Now once you have WiFi calling enabled you should have a symbol in the top left corner of your iPhone. So it says WiFi.

Now for a lot of users, the first time that you set it up it’s not going to say WiFi immediately. It could takes upwards of an hour so just be patient with that.

And you’ll find this is a good feature when you’re in an area with a weak network signal but a strong WiFi signal.