How to Change Your Name on Facebook

How to Change Your Name on Facebook

You have to know that change your name on Facebook profile is easy, just go to the social network settings and fill in a short form. The important thing is to respect the rules that Facebook has for names: you can not use nicknames in place of the real name (unless it is a true name change, such as “Peppe” instead of “Joseph”) ; you can not use uppercase and lowercase randomly; you can not enter “extraneous” words to the name and you can not use characters belonging to multiple alphabets.

You should also point out that you can not change your name on Facebook more than once every 60 days: if you change your name, you will not be able to repeat the operation for the next two months. The operation can be done both from the computer and from portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, find all the instructions you need below.

Let’s see how to change your name on Facebook from your computer. The first step you need to do is connect to the social network home page ( ) and click on the arrow you see in the top right of the blue bar.


At this point, select the Settings from the menu that opens, make sure that the General tab is selected in the left sidebar and click on the Edit button next to Name . The name change form will open on Facebook.


Fill out the form that was proposed by typing in it First , Middle (Optional) and Last you intend to use on the social network and save the changes by clicking the Review Change button. Next, choose how to display the new name on Facebook (First, Middle or Last Name) and make the change effective by typing your profile password in the relevant text field and pressing the Save Changes button.