How to Change Your Facebook Password If You Have Forgotten It

How to Change Your Facebook Password If You Have Forgotten It? If you’ve forgotten the password for accessing your Facebook account, you will most likely be pulling your hair off to try to remember it at all costs. Facebook offers a strong system for resetting the password for secure access using several methods. The options available will be determined by the recovery system you set for your account.

Sign in to Facebook’s website. If you can not remember your Facebook password, you can use the recovery tool to create a new one. If you can not remember the password for Facebook, and normally use the mobile app, select the link “Need help?” placed on the application’s main page, then follow the steps in this guide.

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Select the “Forgot your password ” link . This link is placed under the password entry field located at the top right of the login page for your Facebook account.


Find your account. In the field that appears, type your email address, phone number, username or full name to try to locate your account.

  • You can enter any of the email addresses associated with your account, then try typing all the ones you remember inserting one at a time.
  • You can enter the phone number only if you have associated one with your account.
  • If you encounter difficulties in identifying your Facebook profile, go to the Troubleshooting section at the bottom of this article.


Choose the restore option you want. You have several ways to reset your account password, which depends on the recovery information you’ve associated with your account.

  • Use My Google Account – This option allows you to reset your Facebook password by logging in to your Google account.
  • Send me an email with the link to reset the password – This option sends an email to the address listed with the link to create a new password.
  • Send me an SMS with the code to reset my password – This option sends an SMS to the phone number listed with the code to reset your password.
  • If you do not have access to your email box, you do not have a Google account, and you did not associate a phone number with your account, select the option “You can not access it?”. In this way you will be directed to a new page where you can enter a new e-mail address or phone number. In order to reset your password, you will need to answer security questions to verify your identity, and the process will not be instantaneous.


Enter the code. Depending on the recovery method you choose, it notes the code that was sent to you. You should receive it after a few instances. Type the code in the text field to access the password reset page.

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Create a new password. After entering the code received from Facebook, you will be able to enter a new login password. Make sure to choose a strong but easy to remember password.