How To Change Your Birthday On Facebook

How To Change Your Birthday On Facebook

Take five minutes of free time and find how to change your birthday on Facebook. Find all the steps you need to make on computers, smartphones and tablets right below. Good reading and good fun!

If you want to change your birthday on Facebook using your PC, sign in to your personal profile (if you have not already signed in) and click on your photo on the top right.

On the page that opens, go to the Information tab (under the cover image of your profile), select the About Tab and click the Edit your contact and basic information that is on the right, right below your current birthday set in your Facebook account.

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At this point, scroll to the page you opened until you reach the Basic Information pane, place your mouse cursor on the Birth Date field and click on the Edit item that appears on the right.


At this point, use the drop-down menus for day, month, and year to set your correct birthday and use the thumbnails icons on the sides of these menus to choose who to show birth date on Facebook: friends, all, only you or a selection of personalized contacts.

When you’ve completed filling out the form, put the check next to the Confirm to have xxxx years, click the Save Changes button and the task is done. You can change your birthday to Facebook only for a limited number of times, so before confirming the change make sure that the form fields are all compiled correctly.

Next, you can change the privacy level of your birth date (ie, the audience to display the information on Facebook), returning to your personal profile by selecting the Info tab and clicking on the Edit your basic information first contact and then on the Edit item next to the date field of birth.