Hidden Camera Detector: TOUGHSTY™ Anti Spy

TOUGHSTY™  Anti Spy is an anti spy equipment that can detect most of the wireless cameras and audio bugs by Radio Frequency detection. As a hidden camera detector, the TOUGHSTY™ anti spy equipment can helps you to detect the presence of the wireless cameras and audio bugs that might disrupt your comfort.

The hidden camera detector could be very low-cost with a mini digicam in-built. You can adjust the sensitivity of the detectors according to your wishes.

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Based on user reviews, The hidden camera detector works as expected. On first use, the system requires calibration in the room that has a low frequency RF, after which the tool can be used to detect potential hidden RF devices in different rooms.

Hidden Camera Detector

Professional anti-spy equipment, the hidden camera detector can detect most of the wireless cameras and audio bugs by RF detection. The hidden camera detector can also uses light, audio or vibration warning that create a strong reflection from a camera’s lens. Eavesdropping device killer; pinhole spy camera finder; wiress signal detector. The hidden camera detector detection sensitivity is adjustable Rechargeable battery built-in
Wireless Signal Detector. Adjustable Detection Sensitivity. Rechargeable Battery Built-in. Light, Audio or Vibration Warning Methods. Laser and Wireless Signal Detection Range: up to 10 meters. 50mW-200mW Detection Range: 30-50cm. 300mW-600mW Detection Range: 100-200cm 800mW-1200mW. Detection Range: 300-1000cm. Battery: 280mAh. Wavelength Probe Laser: 920nm. Charge Power Voltage: DC5V 1A. Size: 93 x 47 x 15 mm

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