Gear VR Review: LG 360 VR

Gear VR Review: LG 360 VR >> The LG 360 VR headset was the third “friend”for people who love watching. The LG 360 VR is a pair of VR glasses that attach to your LG G5 via the USB C connection.

This means of course like most of the LG friends, it only works for the time being, on a LGG5. The glasses are neat and compact, in fact smaller than most others and use the power from the G5. The glasses have the screen projection built in with a sensor to know when they are viewing.

The VR headset does however feel comfortable to wear and of course far lighter than the Samsung version that needs the S6 or S7 inserted into them to display.

Like the 360 CAM you access the VR headset via the friend’s manager app on the G5. It will update the software, which can takesome time on the first set up.

Once done you can control most of the features via your G5 screen, but you also have two physical buttons on the top side of the headsetwhich are an OK button and a back button – these do prove useful when you are viewing content.

Once loaded you will have access to a Jaunt application that will show a choice of content including short animations and videos, suchas travel scopes, a roller coaster ride and video footage of some sports action.

You can link to You Tube, some other apps and your stored pictures and videos, but only those shot in 360 will really be on much interest whilst using the VR headset.

To access this is very simple, connect to the G5 and put on the headset – Tap thescreen and you will see the options in front of you , simply look at the option you want and tap on the G5 screen or press the OK button on the headset.

If you have selected Jaunt, for example you will now get further options which will take you to an immersive 360 degree experience, where you can turn all angles to different views. It is enthralling to do this and sequences come alive, especially in my view scenic tours.

On one sample animation, whist the content was poor, you could look above to see helicopter,look below to see a cavern and to each side and behind to see different aspects of the action.

Content is definitely the key and the better quality it is the more impressive it becomes. The roller coaster was a clever animation to show the effects and you turn at all angles to really make you feel you were on it.

If you have you own 360 content from the LG 360 CAM for example, then of course this also can be viewed. I had taken some 360 degree shots of inside the house and it was surrealto able to view this, almost as if you were floating.