Gear Beast – Universal Car Mount for Smartphones

The Gear Beast – Universal Car Mount for Smartphones >> If you spent a lot of time on the road, you know that a smartphone is a useful companion to have when you’re driving, whether you use it to communicate with people, listen to music or to find your way to your destination The problem is, where do you put the smartphone? It usually ends up on the seat beside me or in cup holder or some other inconvenience place.

So you need some kind of mounting solution that allowed you to put the smartphone where you really needed it to be. The solution to this was a product like the Gear Beast Universal Car Mount for Smartphones.

The Gear Beast – Universal Car Mount for Smartphones is a magnetic smartphone holder that simply attaches to one of the vents in your vehicle.

The nice thing about the Gear Beast – Universal Car Mount for Smartphones is that it attaches securely but yet you can move from vehicle to vehicle and you don’t have it glued or taped to your dash.

This thing pivots so you can put your smartphone at any angle horizontally or vertically – the magnet is strong enough that your smartphone doesn’t fall off even if you plug it in and the weight of the cord is pulling on it as well.

The Gear Beast – Universal Car Mount for Smartphones comes with some instructions and thank fully they’re all written in good English two metal plates here – you attach one of these to each of the phones you want to use this base and that’s simply to make so your phone is magnetic and you can attach it to the base using the magnet.

The plate is very thin so it typically doesn’t interfere with anything. You can put it on the phone itself – there’s adhesive on the back of it.

Just peel off the paper and then it will stick securely to your phone or you can stick it to the outside of your case if you have some kind of rugged case on your phone or you can put it in between your phone and the case and that works fine as well the magnet on this device is strong enough that it will work even if the metal piece is on the inside of your case.

On the back of the device you can see a little hook and there’s a piece the spring-loaded you can slide away from it so basically you can hook this on to the vet and then this piece slides back against the vent to secure it.

This can also pivot vertically. Depending on the orientation of the vents in your vehicle. So go ahead and hook it to the vent. Slide this back, hook it, and let that go and that attaches securely.

These feet here then just press against the vehicle and you can now pivot this. There’s a little collar here and you loosen that and then you can pivot this to whatever orientation you want and tighten up that collar and that’ll stay put.