Gamesir G4S Android/PC Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller

Gamesir G4S Android/PC Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller – Gamepad Support Android. The Gamepad Gamesir G4S is compatible with Android and Windows devices. It can be connected via bluetooth or Wi-Fi USB adapter or cable.

The Gamesir G4S is really cool. To open it first time you need to remove a tape that is quite hard to see. Inside the box you can find the instruction manual, a cable to connect the gamepad to pc or android using a OTG adapter and a small support for phones.

You can also download the manual from the official website. Extracting the gamepad from this plastic is very hard Much harder than expected. The design is really similar to xbox controller And it feels pretty comfortable with anti-slip rubber.

The Gamesir G4S has a holder to place the phone To hold the phone better maybe you will need to use this piece, unless your phone is really slim. You can navigate with the gamepad perfectly. It’s easy if you are used to play with gamepad. The steer control isn’t progressive so it’s like if you’re using the D-PAD.

To check how it works on PC you need to extract the USB receiver and plug it and it will detected as a mouse. There is an interesting option especially for shooting games, the turbo function that simulates multiple key presses. You only need to press the turbo key and the key you want to use for that.

You can remove all turbo functions by pressing the clear button. Time to test the gamepad wit with one of my favorite PC games, Trackmania. It is compatible with hundreds of Android games.