Cheap Remax Smartphone Car Holder

Cheap Remax smartphone car holder with silicone base made entirely of rubber, high quality rubber, so you can not break it.

Even the lateral supports are hard rubber made, the perforated surface allows the positioning of the lateral supports as desired, where it is most useful for your devices.

The Cheap Remax smartphone car holder cables are made in smooth silicone rubber. The charging cable has Android and Apple connections.

The little mobile base is magnetic and automatically snaps to the fixed charging base. The cable from the pad must be connected to a USB port, and the side supports are positioned according to the size of your device.

The PAD can be positioned vertically or horizontally, depending on the conformation of your dashboard. The supports are installed enlarging the holes on the pad and pushing into the rungs of the supports.

Cheap Remax Smartphone Car Holder

If you install the supports adequately distant from each other, you can mount a smartphone or tablet without having to move supports.

The USB cable is connected to the cigar charger, and the phone can recharge during use. If you need to take up the phone, to release it just pull a bit the cable, and the magnetic base is detached. You can use this Remax smartphone car holder with a smartphone with a 7 inch tablet in the car.